What are Income tax provisions on clubbing of income?

by Manikaran Singal on August 27, 2015 Total Views: (161)

clubbing of Income

Gift tax provisions should always be read along with the clubbing of income rules. Many people try to dodge the taxman by taking shield under gift tax, but there are some relations where giving gift might be tax free to receiver but income generated from the gift will be clubbed back in the income of ...

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Gift tax in India – Rules and exemption

by Manikaran Singal on August 24, 2015 Total Views: (263)

gift tax in india - rules and exemptions

Who doesn’t like gifts? In cash or in Kind, gifts are always welcome, no? Sometimes we receive gifts on a particular occasion and sometimes we casually exchange money between friends and family members. But what if I tell you that the gifts that you receive have some tax implications too? As in you might have to ...

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5 reasons why avoid investing in close ended funds

by Manikaran Singal on July 28, 2015 Total Views: (366)

close ended funds

In the last year and a half, there were almost 40-45 close ended equity funds that had been launched, which collected more than Rs 5000 crore from investors. Starting with the value theme which said stocks are available at discounts, to ‘Make in India’ theme after the changes in political scenario, mutual fund houses had ...

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Bajaj Allianz Silver health Policy for Senior citizens – Review

by Manikaran Singal on July 23, 2015 Total Views: (565)

bajaj allianz silver health

Bajaj Allianz Silver health policy is designed to suit senior citizens the most. This doesn’t mean that it is specifically a senior citizen plan as it allows entry at 46 years of age. I recently happened to read this policy when I was searching a suitable option for one of my client. So when I ...

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Should you Buy Gold Jewellery or Gold ETF?

by Manikaran Singal on July 10, 2015 Total Views: (440)

gold jewellery or etf

No Indian wedding can be imagined without gold. In fact gold always gets special treatment and specific budget allocation in wedding expenses. Indians use gold in the form of jewellery for personal use and sometimes in form of gold coins as gifts to family and friends. Besides jewellery and coins, gold can also be bought in ...

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Where can you invest your Emergency fund?

by Manikaran Singal on July 6, 2015 Total Views: (1148)

emergency fund investment options

But you said that emergency fund is not meant for investments. It is that liquid money which should be easily accessible and to be used only in case of emergency, asked Sunil one of my friend whom I had advised to save for emergency funding first before starting off with long term investments. Yes this is ...

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Conflict of interest – Beware of It when Investing

by Manikaran Singal on July 2, 2015 Total Views: (630)

conflict of interest

Conflict of interest is one of the major reasons of mis-selling; this is what Indian financial Regulators feel. This is the reason they come up with new regulations every now and then to protect the interest of investors. Regulations have impacted not only at Product level by reducing the commissions, but also at the advice ...

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DHFL Fixed deposits – Wealth 2 Health

by Manikaran Singal on June 26, 2015 Total Views: (849)

dhfl fixed deposits

When we talk of investments in corporate fixed deposits, very few highly rated names comes to mind. Dewan Housing finance limited (DHFL) is one of those. Having been rated as AAA by CARE and Brick works, along with A1+ by crisil, DHFL fixed deposits are one of the popular corporate fixed deposits products in the ...

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Yoga for Financial wellness – DhanSukh Kriyas

by Manikaran Singal on June 19, 2015 Total Views: (752)

yoga for financial wellness

Physical wellness is much easier concept to understand and everyone can relate to it, but financial wellness is also important as finances are one of the major reasons of stress and stress is the leading cause of illness. So to gain overall fitness in life your body, mind, soul and money should be in order. Yoga ...

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How prepared are you for Stock market fall?

by Manikaran Singal on June 17, 2015 Total Views: (708)

stock market fall

Just asking, I know you don’t want to see a fall and have invested or being sold with a view that markets will keep rising for next few years due to strong and stable political scenario, Make in India efforts, coming down of Interest rates, India gaining good global attention and what not. But you ...

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How to make health insurance claim in multiple policies

June 4, 2015
health insuramce claim in contribution clause

Adequacy of health insurance cover is must for your wealth. But how much of Insurance is enough will always remain a big question. To increase the existing health sum assured sometimes one end up buying multiple health policies. However having multiple polices may increase the health cover but , it is also important to know […]

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LIC Jeevan Tarun (table 834) – nothing special

May 28, 2015
lic jeevan tarun

LIC has come up with a new child plan with name LIC Jeevan Tarun. Whatever the product is, I love the way LIC name all its policies. This post is a review of this new LIC jeevan tarun policy. LIC Jeevan Tarun is a participating endowment child plan, with a structure of money back plan. […]

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How Systematic withdrawal plan in mutual funds works?

May 16, 2015
systematic withdrawal plan in mutual funds

Sometime back I wrote one article on Systematic withdrawal plan which shows how SWP works best with monthly income plans (MIPs) as compared to the dividend payout option, which resulted in favor of Systematic withdrawal. This article is about how systematic withdrawal plan works with other mutual funds. Does it make sense to go with […]

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