How Systematic withdrawal plan in mutual funds works?

by Manikaran Singal on May 16, 2015 Total Views: (281)

systematic withdrawal plan in mutual funds

Sometime back I wrote one article on Systematic withdrawal plan which shows how SWP works best with monthly income plans (MIPs) as compared to the dividend payout option, which resulted in favor of Systematic withdrawal. This article is about how systematic withdrawal plan works with other mutual funds. Does it make sense to go with SWP ...

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Factors to consider before going for Education loan

by Manikaran Singal on May 6, 2015 Total Views: (309)

education loan in india

The way education cost is increasing, it may not be wrong to assume that going forward education loan will become a necessity to get good education from good institution. Rising number of private colleges along with emotional side of parents are some other reasons of driving the demand of education loan in India. These days’ students ...

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Are you still thinking?

by Manikaran Singal on April 29, 2015 Total Views: (371)

still not started with financial planning

Last week I met my friend Saurabh who is now a Regional head with one FMCG company and stationed at Bangalore. We were sitting in a coffee shop when suddenly he told me that he’s thinking to engage a financial planner to manage his personal finance matters. This was not a new thing to me ...

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epf withdrawal rules

Employee provident fund or EPF is generally the first organized savings product that one experiences at the start of his employment career. The main purpose behind EPF is to help employees save a fraction of their salary and accumulate tax free corpus to support Retirement. But there are many instances where you may require money ...

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TDS on NRI Investments

by Manikaran Singal on April 9, 2015 Total Views: (783)

tds on nris

Being an NRI may get you privilege treatment from the bankers, property dealers, and from every seller of any product for that matter, but Tax man wants to deal cautiously with you especially on the front of tax collection, and thus applied TDS on almost every taxable investment that you make. There’s hardly any taxable investment ...

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How to Manage Post Retirement Income flow – Bucketing strategy

by Manikaran Singal on April 6, 2015 Total Views: (572)

retirement income flow

Money management during post-retirement years can be tricky. Those retiring at 60 may have another 25-30 years to live and a wrong asset allocation could lead to a situation where they outlive their savings, with no regular salary income to make up for the shortfall. Worse, retirees can fall prey to mis-selling, as was the ...

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Sticking to your budget can make your credit card a boon

by Manikaran Singal on March 31, 2015 Total Views: (416)

credit cards are not that bad

Credit cards have always been an area of concern when someone starts taking care of the family and personal expenses. Many unnecessary expenses in the family get directly linked to the abuse of credit cards. This easy credit sometimes gets so much misused that it affects your overall financial profile and also puts you into ...

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Looking to mint money from equities? There’s more than patience to it

by Manikaran Singal on March 24, 2015 Total Views: (827)

making money from equities

This article was originally written by me for Dalal Times, published on 21 march 2015 Rahul who’s an architect by profession calls himself a great admirer and follower of Warren Buffet. Besides warren buffet theories, he follows many financial blogs, watch business news channels and read yellow newspapers. He doesn’t have any financial background but also ...

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5 money management tips beyond investments

March 21, 2015
money management tips

Money management is not limited to making investments; it is overall management of your financial profile. Finances are integral part of your personal life. Whether it matters to you or not but still if your finances are in mess then you cannot stay away from stress for long. Though investments are important but to get […]

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LIC Jeevan Sangam ( Table no. 831) – Should you buy?

March 4, 2015
LIC jeevan sangam

LIC has become quite predictable now. It always comes up with new plan in the last months of financial year. Last year due to changes in IRDA guidelines LIC has to revamp its old products, in Feb 2013 it came up with LIC Jeevan Sugam , and this year it has announced LIC Jeevan Sangam. […]

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