This is where you should focus on

by Manikaran Singal on August 27, 2014

I was quite surprised to know that ishita wanted to visit me to have her investment portfolio reviewed. In the last 4 years of our association she’d never asked anything about her portfolio. Though as per process I did regular reviews but it was clearly visible from her expressions that she used to be least bothered. Even she acknowledged to that. She just wanted to save more and more as much as she can. Read More…


How to improve your CIBIL Credit score

by Manikaran Singal on August 12, 2014

Finally Vikas has enough savings to buy the car he’s always wanted to buy. All his family members were very happy. After all he’s going to buy a new car after 10 years and that too an SUV. It’s like a dream coming true for vikas; after all he’s been saving for this goal for the last 3 years.

Buying a new car has always been a sense of achievement for middle class families. Isn’t it? And that sense of achievement doubles when you achieve something you were planning and saving for past so many years. Read More…


HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus – Online term plan with a Plus

by Manikaran Singal on August 7, 2014

For those who are aware of online term plans, HDFC Click 2 protect is not a new name for them. It is one of the popular names in online term plan market, which almost every seeker of online term plans must have went through before finalizing his selection. With a great claim settlement ratio, competitive premium rates, dependable brand image this product has always been difficult to ignore. HDFC Click 2 protect Plus is a new version of the same plan with some add on optional features. Read More…


Balancing Expectations and Reality

by Manikaran Singal on July 26, 2014

So ? Had Budget 2014 lived up to your expectations? In the past 20 days before budget every newspaper, TV channels was full of discussion and columns on what they expect from Modi government’s first budget. Every second person, corporate was expecting tax rationalization, reduction in interest rates and also growth oriented vision of the government. This is what happened; Mr. Jaitely announced something for everyone and also kept on reiterating his government’s clear vision of “Less government and more governance“. Read More…


Apollo Munich has launched a new Super top up insurance plan with name Apollo Munich Optima Super. They call it an aggregate insurance plan, as it takes into account the aggregate of claims made in a single year as deductible, unlike a top up plan where in every claim the deductible gets applied.

There are very few insurance players in the market like United India, HDFC Ergo which offers Super top up insurance plans and now Apollo Munich has also joined the league. Let’s understand the product in detail. Read More…


How to generate retirement income for parents

by Manikaran Singal on July 18, 2014

That day Hitesh was actually sounding very emotional, after all he’s never lived away from parents since childhood. But now when his employer company was sending him to US for a project, he was worried on who will take care of his parents back home.

He got married last year and knows that his parents had spent most of their retirement savings on that occasion and now when time has come for him to take care of them; he’s moving out of country. He wanted to stay back and leave the job but financial benefits were looking quite lucrative, as he knows that going forward his family’s expenditure will surely be increasing and so his responsibilities to support both ends i.e parents and kids. Read More…


Meet the planners again – FPGI Annual Meet 4 (Round up)

by Manikaran Singal on July 11, 2014

When wonderful gets accompanied by thunder showers it becomes thunderful. And this was what i experienced at Alibagh (Near Mumbai) where I was last week for Fourth Annual meet of The Financial planners’ Guild India (FPGI).  Read More…


How Union Budget 2014 will impact your Personal Finances

by Manikaran Singal on July 10, 2014

As a general perception union budget is all about taxes. Tax reforms, tax exemptions, tax rebates etc. Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. For them a good budget is that which announces lots of tax sops. This time also people were expecting some tax sops as this is what they presume to be as “Acche din”. But finance minister has to look at the big picture and has to develop a policy which would benefit country at large. This is what he did in the Union Budget 2014. He’s given something to everyone with keeping fiscal prudence intact. Read More…


HDFC life Click 2 invest – different but no different

by Manikaran Singal on June 26, 2014

HDFC life has come up with one of its kind unit linked insurance plan with name HDFC life Click 2 invests. Why it is unique is because it is devoid of many charges that generally ULIP insurance plans have. It doesn’t have any allocation charge, administration charge and even the discontinuation charge. HDFC life click 2 invest can be bought online only and thus does not have any distribution cost attached too. But even after its no charge structure, does it make sense to invest in HDFC click 2 invest insurance plan. Let’s find out. Read More…


Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakesOscar Wilde

It seemed to be a good idea at that time.

Yeah!! After all my last investment had made  good returns and my branch manager who’s more experienced and knowledgeable, also was going for it, then why shouldn’t I?

These were my thoughts when I was convincing myself to go for personal loan to invest in some penny stocks as advised to me by my then Branch head of ICICI Bank. This was 2004 when markets had just started showing some signs of recovery. Few months back only I had invested on his tip and made 20%, and this time I wanted to multiply more. Moreover being a bank employee I was eligible for concessional interest rates. So Math was looking quite exciting. Read More…