5 expenses that can derail your Retirement Plan

by Manikaran Singal on October 16, 2014 Total Views: (280)

expenses that derail retirement plan

I have mixed emotions towards retirement. Where I feel excitement for the days when I don’t have to work to earn my livelihood and I can do whatever I actually want to do, I am also afraid as to what if I could not be able to save enough to take care of my expenses ...

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TDS on Life insurance policies effective from 1st October 2014

by Manikaran Singal on October 8, 2014 Total Views: (732)

tds on life insurance policies

If you have any life insurance policy, then recently you must have received a mail from your insurer regarding the TDS on life insurance policies to be deducted out of your policy proceeds. I have been receiving many queries regarding this, saying they are feeling cheated since at the time of buying they were told ...

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4 ways to enhance health insurance cover

by Manikaran Singal on October 5, 2014 Total Views: (386)

enhance health insurance

When sachin called me yesterday, it was not difficult to sense from his depressed voice that there’s something wrong. Without me asking he himself told that his wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Though it’s at initial stage and can be cured completely, but the treatment is going to be very expensive. As he’s ...

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Dynamic Asset allocation in Mutual funds

by Manikaran Singal on September 22, 2014 Total Views: (579)

asset allocation mutual funds

Those who are following this blog for a while now and understand the importance of a process in investments, surely appreciate the Asset Allocation structure in Portfolio. I am of the firm belief that when it’s a question of investment, mutual fund is a best vehicle. Through Mutual funds you can allocate your investments in all ...

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How much does it cost?

by Manikaran Singal on September 15, 2014 Total Views: (495)

How much does it cost

Some days back I was reading an article in Livemint with the same title, where Monika halan, editor of mint money has written very strikingly that where we are so obsessed with getting a best price whenever we go for shopping, at the same time we tend to ignore costs when it comes to investing ...

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4 factors to consider before loan prepayment

by Manikaran Singal on September 9, 2014 Total Views: (301)

prepayment of loans

Rahul is a young IT professional in his early thirties. His wife Sunita works as professor in a college. On advice of a relative who’s my client, Sunita visited me to have a financial planning discussion. She came alone. Where I appreciated her to have understood the importance of financial planning in early years of ...

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This is where you should focus on

by Manikaran Singal on August 27, 2014 Total Views: (188)


I was quite surprised to know that ishita wanted to visit me to have her investment portfolio reviewed. In the last 4 years of our association she’d never asked anything about her portfolio. Though as per process I did regular reviews but it was clearly visible from her expressions that she used to be least ...

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How to improve your CIBIL Credit score

by Manikaran Singal on August 12, 2014 Total Views: (517)

cibil credit score

Finally Vikas has enough savings to buy the car he’s always wanted to buy. All his family members were very happy. After all he’s going to buy a new car after 10 years and that too an SUV. It’s like a dream coming true for vikas; after all he’s been saving for this goal for ...

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HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus – Online term plan with a Plus

by Manikaran Singal on August 7, 2014 Total Views: (1048)

hdfc click 2 protect plus online term plan

For those who are aware of online term plans, HDFC Click 2 protect is not a new name for them. It is one of the popular names in online term plan market, which almost every seeker of online term plans must have went through before finalizing his selection. With a great claim settlement ratio, competitive ...

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Balancing Expectations and Reality

by Manikaran Singal on July 26, 2014 Total Views: (279)

expectations and reality

So ? Had Budget 2014 lived up to your expectations? In the past 20 days before budget every newspaper, TV channels was full of discussion and columns on what they expect from Modi government’s first budget. Every second person, corporate was expecting tax rationalization, reduction in interest rates and also growth oriented vision of the ...

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