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by Manikaran Singal on May 30, 2012 Total Views: (118)

Do we actually respect Money? Yesterday, I got a mail from Reliance Mutual fund with the subject line as “Give your money the respect it deserves”. The mail was all about parking money in different mutual funds but the subject line put me into deep thought. In a country like India where we have given GOD status to money in the form of “Goddess Lakshmi”, do we actually respect her?

What money means to you?

Ask yourself this question and you will get many answers to it. Some might be security, freedom, Power etc. You will feel secure with money for your comfortable retirement, family responsibilities etc., some people think that any money they have is a fortunate possession to use as they please. As they feel that it’s no one else’s business how they choose to spend it. They feel free to do anything with it. Some treat it as a powerful thing as they can do so much with it and a lack of it can be so devastating. Now the question is still the same. If money is so important and so woven into our lives, do we respect it?

What does respecting your Money means?

Respecting your money means taking care of it properly. Your money is governed by how you treat it. Money has very important place in our lives. If we give her the respect she deserves, she will reciprocate in the same way. You don’t have to hug, love, touch feet etc. to show respect to your money. Showing respect to money means understanding its Value in true sense. The way you use the money shows how respectful you are towards her.

Respect money

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